I wander out - Into the cold dark night
I don't now why - I have to fight this fight
And the dark night - Tries to make me see
It has a lot to tell - About things that cannot be

I'm going on [verhogen] - about the other way 
but signs are gone, - it doesn't make it stay
And things can't be - What I am wishing for
So I'll walk on - To the final Door...

And Yesterday, has gone - I don't mind what you say to me
And Yesterday, it's gone - Don't you dare, to let it go...

Change the way - you look at me
To find the town - you've never seen
I saw your face - in the mirror today
tried to look back - you looked the other way

And as the moon has gone - into the cold black see [Verhogen]
There is no way back - it can never be……
Saw your face - but that can never be
You looked away - to the big black see